Sample Document Using Macroformats

The RoundCorners macroformat uses images to produce a header area with rounded corners and a gold frame around its main area. This example is set with a width of 80%, and was created like this:

<ins class=RoundCorners head="Welcome to macroformats" width=80%>
. . .

CSS Rounded Corners

CSS Corners inside a ShrinkWrap, both macroformats.

The ShrinkWrap macroformat accepts a "width" attribute.

This example was created like this:

<ins class=ShrinkWrap> <ins class=CssCorners> . . . </ins> </ins>

Stretches to fit content. Press me.

<Preformatted content.>

The button was created by:

<ins class=Button1 onclick="alert('Thanks!')">
Stretches to fit content. Press me.

Table from a Field List

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